April 18th, 2016 by Vice

– GMs can now respond to (i.e close) petitions even if the player is offline. As soon as the player logs back in, they will receive the GM’s response to their petition
– Players who make it to the Hall of Fame will be blessed with ‘Einhasad’s Aura’. This is a purely cosmetic feature and does not bear any benefits
– An issue where the Inera Tutorial would be incorrectly triggered has been fixed
– The blood pool has been implemented
– Each lvl upgrades with points, and gives rewards
– Rewards and lvls can be configured in xmls. Possible rewards are temporal items, permanent items, skills and buffs
– Admin handler to control basic functions of the blood pool
– Items and skills needs to be added on the client
– Unique interface based on the evas inferno’s UI
– Added a fix for time stamp to blood pool
– Improved cleanup and format functions for eclipse
– Added support for custom bypass handlers
– Added donate blood pool handler
– Added htmls to the gmshop, needs fixing and improving
– Fixed and improved the answer listeners for inera services and systems (485 additions, 496 deletions)
– Initiated an improvement to packet organization as its cleaner like that
– Added a new security feature, more details on the svn
– More improvements to the builders and proguards configs.