October 9th, 2017 by Sindelia

– The iCoin gift function has been moved to the Service Station on the Community Board.
– From now on, players will be able to use healing potions/food from their pet’s inventory while it’s attacking.
– An invalid copy of ‘Lavasillisk’ has been removed from the Database.
– An issue where players could not be attacked while they were registered for an event has been fixed.

PIE (PlayINERA Interactive Event) Engine
 An issue where players would be teleported to the location they were when they registered upon cancelling their registration has been fixed.
– An issue where players would become chaotic when killing a summon has been fixed.

– From now on, immediately upon entering Frintezza, a 1-hour penalty will be applied.
– From now on, players have 30 minutes to reach Frintezza’s room before being kicked out. If they do get kicked out, they need to wait another 30 minutes before re-entering (as per the 1-hour penalty).
– From now on, the ‘respawn’ timer will be triggered as soon Scarlet van Halisha spawns. (48h +3h)
– From now on, players have 3 hours to kill Frintezza. If they fail, they cannot re-enter until the respawn timer has finished.

– An issue where the NPC skill ‘Decrease Speed’ did not decrease speed by 30% has been fixed.

– The ‘wake up’ time has been adjusted to 30 minutes upon player entry as per retail.

The INERA Store has been updated and now features the following items:
– Dark Crystall/Tallum/Nightmare/Majestic Heavy/Light/Robe armours & shields
– Phoenix/Majestic Jewellery
– A Grade weapons
– Dragon Bugle of Wind/Star/Twilight
– Fenrir Necklace
– Improved Buffalo Panpipe
– Improved Cougar Chime
– Improved Kookaburra Ocarina
– Blue/Red/Green Soul Crystal Stage 11/12
– Rune of XP 50% – 5 Hour Expiration Period
– Rune of SP 50% – 5 Hour Expiration Period