October 16th, 2017 by Sindelia

Blood Pool
As of October 16, Hellbound will be Level 9, and this zone will be fully opened when the Blood Pool reaches Stage 5, the same stage that Seed of Infinity opens.

– An issue where consumable items would be consumed twice at a time has been fixed.
– An issue where players were not able to receive Olympiad tokens has been fixed.

PIE (PlayINERA Interactive Event) Engine
– A persistent issue where some effects on a character would not be restored after leaving an event has been fixed.
– The Salvation skill can no longer be used during an event.

– The level of Antharas (Weak) has been changed to 83.
– An issue where chaotic characters could not interact with Clan Hall Manager NPCs has been fixed.
– An issue where some NPCs would occasionally ‘spam’ skills has been fixed.
– Kanadis Guide’s droplist has been amended to match retail.
– Zaken Earring’s drop chance on the Zaken Daydream instance has been changed from 0.09% to 1%.
– An issue where monsters inside Catacombs would occasionally return to their spawn point has been fixed.

– Issues associated with the following skills have been fixed: Strike Back, Eye for Eye, Sonic Buster.
– An issue where ‘Spoil Crush’ could be used with weapons other than the intended Blunt type has been fixed.