October 23rd, 2017 by Sindelia

– The ‘Power of spirits enabled’ message has been disabled.
– Addition of Hairstyle Colour & Shape potions as well as CP potions to Venustia (Exchange AA section) .
– Addition of extra security measures to prevent exploits.
– A recurrent issue where players would be teleported backwards if they click to move too fast has been fixed. It should rarely ever happen now. In addition, character movement should feel smoother now.
– From now on, after using a skill with ‘useskillforce’, characters will not auto-attack, as per retail.

Blood Pool
– From now on, both SoI & SoD will be opened at Stage 5.

Community Board
– Clan crests on the Clan tab have been re-enabled.

– An issue where the Schuttgart Catapult would have an incorrect spawn location has been fixed.