June 14th, 2016 by Vice

– Fix for bypass protection on large htmls, where bypasses could get split in parts when preparing the board
– New bypass protection system, that improves largely the one used before
– Full support for our event system, that was completely reworked from scratch from the last system you saw has new htmls for every event and admin. They are fully dynamic, and they get updated automatically. Added all the neccesary conditions for the admin panel, so buttons will appear and dissappear depending on the status of the event
– Reworked every single new event (12 in total) and tested
– Added support for team events, so they should work fine, Greatness is still disabled
– More security and checks for events, teleports, registering, exiting, etc
– Added more options and modes for the event engine
– Created a centralized message system, so instead of having hardcoded functions, we use one that sends to x targets x message through the desired channels on one function
– Finished translating and correcting every message
– Fixed stats and tops custom packets
– Improved timers and countdowns
– Gave most of the events the right timing between rounds, before starting or closing, etc