November 15th, 2017 by Sindelia

Red colour denotes important changes

– The Vitality abnormal effect has been re-enabled, although abnormal effects have been disabled for players riding a mount as it causes issues.
– An issue where when a character switched between their main and a subclass and both classes shared a common skill it would automatically add it to the shortcut bar regardless of it being there has been fixed.
– An issue where the hero weapon stats & descriptions on the Monument of Heroes were incorrect has been fixed.
– An issue where players could not register for a fortress siege because of the castle siege registration period having ended has been fixed.
– An issue where players could use the /unstuck command while under the influence of the Fear skill has been fixed.
– An issue that occurred as a result of Patch 54 that caused players to occasionally freeze during a Territory War has been fixed.
– A potential fix for the issue where players would occasionally get stuck when repeatedly targeting another player has been applied.
– Addition of CensoredOFF Geodata files. This should address most (if not all issues) related to occasional wall-shooting in specific areas.
– An issue where players would be occasionally teleported back when clicking to move fast should be eliminated. Please let us know if the issue still persists.
– The ‘Blood Stones Collected’ statistic on the Rankings has been fixed.
– An issue where pets could not be leveled up to level 86 100% has been fixed.
– The Damage Meter is now available to all characters and is enabled by default.
– An issue where cubics would attack a monster when in combat without actually attacking it has been fixed.
– The overall behaviour of cubics has been revised to match retail. Skill/attack chances have not been modified.
– An issue where an announcement, clan message and a music effect were missing upon becoming a hero has been fixed.
– From now on, there are no combat/chaotic status restrictions on using the Scheme Buffer inside a peace zone.

Blood Pool
– From now on, Venustia no longer accepts Blood Stone contributions. The Temple of Blood has been removed.
– The Sinister Market has been renamed into ‘Blood Stone Shop’.
– The way in which the Blood Pool can be strengthened has been changed: when killing a monster and obtaining Blood Stones, a set amount of Blood Stones will be automatically contributed to the Blood Pool. This amount is equal to half of the amount of Blood Stones a player receives. Players may track their contribution status via the Blood Pool Stage Information window which can be accessed by clicking on the question mark on the Blood Pool window.
– Addition of Ominous Wares to Venustia. Ominous Wares can be bought in exchange for Bloody Parchments.

Vote Reward System
– The vote rewards have changed. Instead of choosing an item, players will receive a set amount of Bloody Parchments.

PIE (PlayINERA Interactive Event) Engine
– From now on, it is no longer possible to register to an event with more than one character from the same PC.
– From now on, the following events will run automatically throughout the day: Team Vs Team, Berserker, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Zombie. One of these events will be run every two hours with the first event of the day commencing at 12:00 PM and the last event at 08:00 AM the next day (GMT +2).
– The rewards for the automatic events are as follows: Winner – 15 Bloody Parchments & full Vitality, Consolation Reward – 5 Bloody Parchments & full Vitality.
– Team Vs Team, Berserker, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing: min./max. level – 76/85.
– Simon Says: from now on, the NPC will be spawned in the center of the player circle.
– Zombie:  a 10-minute timer has been added to prevent the event from running endlessly.

– An issue where Dragon Bombers & Behemoth Dragons would not drop the correct herbs has been fixed.

– Addition of a new item: ‘Bloody Parchment’. This item can be obtained via the Vote Reward system or via the automatic events. These can be exchanged for various useful items via Venustia.
– Addition of a new item: ‘Scavenger’s Potion – 12 Hour Expiration Period’: Increases the amount of Blood Stones obtained by 25%, the amount of Adena obtained by 40% and drop chance by 5% while hunting monsters. Effect lasts for 2 hours.
– An issue where
– Changes to existing items:

  1. Farmer’s Potion & Looter’s Potion have been combined into Scavenger’s Potion.
  2. Gambler’s Misery: Contains a random Attribute Stone and Life Stone (Low to High-Grade). In addition, has a 0.0004% chance to contain 250,000 Blood Stones. Will you risk it?
  3. Crafter’s Potion: Increases the regular craft success rate by 5% and masterwork craft chance by 2%. Effect lasts for 10 seconds.

– Raid Curse – Silence has been removed as it is has been replaced by Raid Curse – Petrify.
– Pa’agrio’s Fist has been adjusted to match retail.
– An issue where drain-type skills would not work while Enchanter Ability – Barrier was active has been fixed.
– Turn to Stone has been adjusted to match retail.
– An issue where Flame Icon would not increase Crit. Rate. by 100 has been fixed.
– An issue where the following skills required a bow in order to be triggered has been fixed: Counter Chance, Counter Rapid Shot, Counter Dash, Counter Mind

– An issue where Lesser Evil & Greater Evil would not drop items related to the Jude’s Request quest has been fixed.