July 29th, 2016 by Vice

– Greatly improved formatting issues.
– Implemented a new security feature cannot be disclosed.
– Implemented analysis algorithm as a security improvement details cannot be disclosed.
– Fixed to allow gms to see ohter invisible players
– Fix for blood pool admin
– Fix for blood pool skills and implemented support for vitality bonuses
– Fix for save songs and dances on restart
– Fix for datapack builder
– Fix for noble donation service
– Fixing maxMp items, the additional mana should added after the men bonus, not before
– Additional cleanup of folders
– Large number of fixed initiated too many files to disclose publicly
– Syncing all skills with l2world so we can add support for any incomplete skills
– Also, adjustments and fixes for invalid values
– Removed most of the items, and skills that are not from epilogue, they just confuse
– Added support for some types like vitality consume, etc