March 11th, 2018 by Vice

– Added Katarina the clan hall exclusive NPC.
– Added to Katarina the option to “Clean All PK”.
– Added to Katarina the option to “Decrease PK by 1”.
– The NPC Drop list dialog has been replaced by a new dedicated UI window.

– From now it will not be possible to clean Karma/PK on Cursed weapon welders.
– Changed the formula for Karma clean on Katarina, now it will calculate how much karma the player has.
– Players Karma will not decrease upon death but only via Killing monsters & Clan Hall Exclusive ‘Katarina’.
– Disabled the Retail macro reuse bug.
– Removed Andromeda (Wedding Manager) from Rune Warrior Guild.
– Fixed Fishing issues in Hot Springs area.
– Fixed Delusion Chamber – Tower of Seal missing spawns.

– From now on, soul/spiritshots that match a character’s equipped weapon as well as its pet’s/summon’s will automatically be toggled. As such, it is no longer possible to automate the use of soul/spiritshots by right-clicking on them on the shortcut bar.
– The unreal mail notification system has been adjusted to match retail.
– The INERA Store has been revamped from the bottom up.

– Fixed Baium not “sleeping” when Angels attack him, only damage from players should count.
– Upon killing Anakazel raid boss into Dimensional Rift players will be forced out after 15 seconds.