April 9th, 2018 by Vice

– The retail tutorial has been re-enabled. The INERA tutorial has been disabled.
-Raid Minions will respawn 2 minutes after the death to match retail.
-Fixed Rim Pailaka Castle & Fortress /instancezone cooldown retail-like.
-Fixed Castle Dungeon & Fortress /instancezone cooldown retail-like.
-Rim Pailaka Friendly npcs will allow players to teleport out when the instance finishes.
-Fixed Rim Pailaka & Castle Dungeon missing Raid Minions.
-Fixed exploit with Castle dungeons allowing players to re-enter multiple times.
-Players must have the corresponding Quests for entering on Rim Pailaka/Castle Dungeon (added all the retail messages informing players).
-On Rim Pailaka instance finish players will teleport back to their castle “Warden”.
-Fixed Master Festina retail-like. All monsters will despawn on Festina death & they will respawn again on Festina Spawn.
-Hall of Fame players will receive 1000k Fame instead of Hall of Fame Crate.
-Removed all bonuses potions from Parchment shop that affect drop rates.
-Enabled Item Auctioneer.
-Fixed “Pailaka Song of Ice and Fire” geodata issue on last boss stairs.
-Offline stores will now have duration 30 days.
-Fixed an issue causing Wolf items not able to be used on Great wolfs & Fenrirs.
-Sub-pledges will not appear into Clan rankings.
-Only EE/SE/PP/SWS/BD/WC/OL will be allowed to create a buffstore.
-Changed the available ‘characters’ allowed for a Scheme name to 15.
-Implemented Individual configs for Delusion / Rift / Kamaloka / Four Sepulchers.
-Changed Grand bosses Random Respawn to +2 hours random.
-Changed Normal Raid bosses Random Respawn to +2 hours random.

– An issue where the soulshot count on the AutoSoulshot window would not be updated when soulshots were sold or deposited into a warehouse has been fixed
– From now on, the automatic use of soulshots will no longer be disabled upon entering the Olympiad.
– Final fix for Auto Soulshots. Please test thoroughly by manipulating the shots while they are in use (inventory/warehouse/mail/trade).
– Initial support for the new INERA Tutorial Manager.
– Initial support for the new Ability Tree Window.
– Initial support for new CB Clan tab.
– An issue where the list of Favorite and Purchased items on the INERA Store would be displayed in an incorrect order has been fixed.

-Fixed Olympiad “View History”.
-Fix for “Monument of Heroes” it should list only the Active heroes (that have obtain the Hero)

Events & Blood Pool
-Added Blood Royale Event that will start on each Blood Pool Stage level up.
-Players will be able to Join/leave any time they want via the CB.
-Blood Royale Event will Start/begin when 50 Participants are inside/joined.
-While Blood Royale event is in Registering or Playing mode any other event will not begin.
-Community Board Event table will show only Blood Royale Event when its active.
-Events instances that never expire they will not penalty the players, meaning they can join any other Instance after leaving Blood Royale Event.