May 2nd, 2018 by Vice

Scheme Buffer
-Fixed Adena icon not showing on both Single / Scheme buff option.
-Added Both Adena & Blood stone icon for the buffs needed.
-Premiums will not pay Adena or Blood stones.
-Players below 80 level will not have to pay for buffs. (Free buffs until 80 level).
-Fixed Scheme buffer Critical when when max buffs or d/s reached.

-Implement Shifting Zone Manager.
-Added zone support for the Community board.
-Automatic zone will be selected at 12:00 16:00 20:00 each zone will stay PvP for 4 hours.
-Players will flag and remain flagged inside the shifting pvp zone.
-Added messages for warning players entering into a pvp zone.
-Shifting Zones Monsters will drop x2 the Blood Stones (Note with Bloody Weekend its x4)
-No Blood Price cool downs inside Shifting zones.
-Fixed Shifting Zone now the same zone cannot be selected twice in a row.
-Changed Community home board for Season 2.
-Fixed Time duration for shifting zone on the Community panel.
-Final fix for Community Board shifting duration now it will show hours / mins / seconds until zone ends.
-From now on hellbound will be stage 11 from server start.
-Added Temple of blood on Venustia for testing purposes on Beta.
-Shifting zone will increase the Blood Stones drop by 100% 

-Players are not allowed to register for an event while in PvP Zones.
-Fixed an issue that could result in players stuck PvP Flagged while registered in the event.
-Added message that will inform Blood Royale registered players how many participants left to join in order to begin.
-Implement new AI for Blood Royale Raid bosses.
-Implement Event resurrection for players killed by a Raid boss on Blood Royale event.

Blood Pool
-Removed Hellbound link to Blood Pool.
-Half of dropped Blood stones will automatically donated to Blood Pool.
-Added new announcements that will inform players about Blood Pool current percent (80%, 95%, 100%)
-Blood Pool will pause at 100% and Blood Royale event will begin.
-Blood Pool will increase level after the Raid Boss on Blood Royale event dies.
-SOI & SOD will no longer depend on Blood Pool stage, they are open from server start.