June 28th, 2018 by Vice

-Fixed RSS “Read More” now it will correctly open our website.
-Fixed Community board -> Database now the results will correspond our server rates.
-Fixed Shift & Click, it will now calculate the Level penalties all the bonuses etc.
-Fixed Shift & Click Max count issue.
-Now shift & click will calculate the Group Chance on every item Chance.
-Fixed Database now it will calculate the Group Chance on every item Chance.

-Removed the Half Blood stones donated from players, they will only donated but player will still keep them just like s1. Nerf reverted.
-Fix for Item Broker npc issue causing the List to open when “It is not an auction period.”
-Fix Item Auction messages more retail like.
-Critical fix for Item Auction system not sending into player’s warehouse the winning item while the player was offline.
-Item Broker will Notify the Auction winner via mail if the player is offline during the Auction end.
-Antharas, Baium, Frintezza & Valakas Epic PvP Zones will be activated randomly 2 hours before the Grand bosses spawns.
-Fixed Clan halls reuse of items issue.
-Removed the limit on items showing on the Shift & click, now the Grand bosses will show the full list without causing Critical errors.
-Optimized Community board Main page, Droplist & Control panel for S2.
-Removed Venustia’s Blessing.
-Removed Custom Shop Item search from Item Broker npcs.
-Removed Custom Item Brokers spawn into towns, Only Giran & Aden will have a custom spawn near GK.
-Fixed Control Panel -> Account Security issues with HTML not showing the correct HWID, fixed Button for bind/unbind.
-Fixed the option “Offline shop level limit” when a player tries to logout (if its enabled)
-Added a message informing the players that they received an ability point on Blood Pool stage increase.

-Fixed Quest “To Lead And Be Led” now Maille Lizardman-Scout-Guard will reward the quest item.
-Added Quest configs for “An Ice Merchants Dream”.
-Changed the Drop Count for Quest “The Finest Food” to x3.
-Changed the Drop Count for Quest “Supplier Of Reagents” item “Demon’s Blood to x2.
-Reduced the Range of Quest “Seven Signs Secret Ritual of the Priests” Guards.