August 28th, 2016 by Vice

– Removed current tvt event from source, we’ve built our own, better and more efficient
– Possible fix for some npcs not hiting other npcs on certain skills. May cause problems, but i use forceuse
– Fix for baium, that after death its spawning the wrong teleport cube
– Increased max pet name length from 8 to 16
– Fixed valakas stats match retail
– Fixed clan reputation given on raids in the quest The Clans Reputation
– Fixed spawns in primaveral isle
– Cleaned all those player vars that are not used on this server
– Added the right support for all premium bonuses and player vars, that were not connected to anything. They now should do what they should, and be saved and restored from the db
– Fixed premium mark service
– Changed the behaviour of the enhainsad aura
– Added some missing commands
– Removed entirely the bonus system from the source, as we have our own
– Added support for modifying xp, sp, drop rates with premium bonuses
– Restored deleted premium bonuses, now they can be disabled with a var instead of commenting them
– Using the new packet for the blood pool UI
– Fixed the premium packet on enterworld