August 11th, 2018 by Vice

Blood Price
-Changed Blood Price penalty from 4 hours to 1 hour.
-One Sided Clan War – attackers get 2x blood stone, penalty exists to prevent harassment, defender clan does not get any bonuses.
-Two Sided Clan War – both parties get 0.5x but no penalties exist
-The maximum Clan War Declares for a clan changed to 10 to subside the number of one-sided wars and harassment capability.

-Removed more invalid Item Broker spawns on Newbie villages.
-Shift click will open the UI on mobs that has no drops so players can check HP etc.
-Fixed Search Option on Clan Board, should be Ruler not Leader.
-Added Account Manager Link into Community Board Services -> “Get ICoin” button.
-Added Website & Forum Link into Community Board New Control Panel buttons.
-Fixed Cursed Weapons “Unquenchable Thirst” skill now it will 100% Blood stones PvP & PvE bonus and not 10%
-100% of Dropped Blood stones will also donated automatically to the Blood Pool.
-Added New Blood Royale Ressurection system.
-Reworked the parchment and blood stone shop significantly.

-All S & S80 Grade quests nerfed by 30-40%
-Ancient Tome of the Demon (ATOD) lower to x2.