August 17th, 2018 by Vice

Manor Fixes
– Party members can Harvest too when The seed has been sown from another party member.
– Adjusted Seed Formula to a more retail one.
– Monsters will Drop Only Adena & Herb when the Seed has been sown as per retail.
– Fixed an issue causing players not able to board on the Ship.
– Fixed Rune Harbor to Primeval and the opposite with the retail route.
– Support for new INERA Guide actions.
– Added INERA Guide config on Control Panel
– Added INERA Guide intro
– Fixed Control Panel -> Inera Tutorial Guide toggle.
– Removed the Novice spiritshots/soulshots auto-shortcut.
– Removed Newbie box.
– Adding support for Blood Craft with production chance.
– Messages for the failed production of an item from Venustia have been added.
– Fixed ‘Disable Skill Animations’ it will only disable effects used on others characters not self.
– Fixed ‘Hide Private Stores’ it will no longer require client restart.
– Fixes on Imperial Tomb PvP Zone.
– Fixes on Shift & Click droplist database.
– Renamed FoG Shifting Zone into Forge of the Gods.
– Added the retail blue penalty on Spoil.
– Fixed Tutorial First – Second – Third class messages.
– Enabled Retail macro reuse.
– Various fixes on Production Multisell chance.

-Fixed an issue causing Seeds not working on Goddard and possibly other areas.
– The Novice Soul/Spiritshot rewards have been re-enabled.
– The Class Change tutorial has been re-enabled.

Community Board
– An issue where the Scheme Buffer would still display the total cost for a scheme despite the player being lower than level 80 has been fixed.

– Addition of Einhasad’s Mark and Shilen’s Mark, initial implementation, needs minor work.