August 19th, 2018 by Vice

– Added kill points to Bomberman Event
– Added checks for when only the UI Menu must be sent instead of the Html Action Menu
– Fix for exploit of changing subclass while in duel
– Some fixes for ground skills exploits
– Added Tiat Deaths & Ekimus Deaths into Community Board -> Raid Bosses tab.
– Fixed Resurrection window now it will display the correct values.
– Fixed an issue causing Pet window not display EXP Loss during death.
– Fixed an issue causing Pets to loose EXP during Duel.
– Players will be able to Blood Craft only one item each time.
– Fixed Aggressions skills not having effect into monsters.
– Fixed Skill ‘Provoke’ retail like.
– Further optimized Community board htmls
-Fix for Monsters teleporting outside of Catacombs while player use the Ziggurat
-Fix for Ground skills (Symbols) geodata checks

– Cleaned up and improved most of the new classes and javas
– Fixed most of the custom packets
– Reworked entirely Blood Royale event so it works as an independent event, basically unhardcoded
– Added support for many new functions and methods on events
– Initial implementation for the Ability Tree System.

– Cleaning up shifting zone
– Shifting zone manager corrections