August 26th, 2018 by Vice

Blood Royale
– Fix for players leaving blood royale being stuck in the event mode
– Added support for players getting killed by mobs. This should fix missing auto res when killed by raid
– Added message to all players for how many are registered and needed
– Moved the raid spawn on register instead of on start
– Renamed and move some event functions.
– Players should teleport right away when registering, and return when they unregister
– Fix for error on raid boss when event starts
– Added minions support, so they get paralyzed and invul
– Added support for returning to the origin on unregister and when the event stops.
– Fixed double teleport error when returning

Hot Fixes
– Fixed an exploit that was reported for purchases. It will not be disclosed.
– Fixed an exploit that was reported for duels. It will not be disclosed.
– Fix for Ability Window not opening in Community Board.
– Fix for ability system error.
– Disabled Buylist that we do not use.
– Removed classmaster_buylist that are not used.
– Fixed an issue causing Newbie players not able to receive the Soulshots/spiritshot via the Newbie guide Blue gem quest.
– Corrections on FoG & IT shifting zones, needs retest.
– Fix for Null error while using Sublime.

Events PIE Engine
– Completed the support for blocking pvp status for players on events before it starts. Needs testing.
– Added instance set on observer mode. Needs testing.

– Added configs Min/Max CC parties for Frintezza
– Added protection on Klein & Heart of Volcano Quest – Entering.
– Added retail Height check for dismounting while flying.
– Players will not be able to dismount in enemy Residence.
– Players trying to fly over a ‘No Landing’ zone (e.x Valakas Lair, Baium etc) will be dismounted & teleported to the closest town, retail like.
– Added missing quest item disappearing message while entering from Klein.
– Reverted Valakas Zone back to Default.
– Added more digits for Database & Shift Click.
– Fixed an issue causing Monster Race tracks npcs to disappear.
– Fixed announcement messages on Race monster track retail like.
– Players registered in Block checker will not be able to register olympiad, retail like.
– Fixed an issue causing Wyverns not able to dismount outside Siege zone during Siege.
– Disabled Underground coliseum, feature not working is incomplete also causing NPE errors.
– Players will be able to register only to one Event at the same time.
– Fixed ‘Kratei’s Cube’ Event now players will also get Resurrection while die from Monsters.
– Fixed Geodata on Clan Hall Doors.
– Fixed Geo Engine on Fortress & Castle Guards, should be close to retail now, also ‘Cannot see target’ issue while trying to hit a guard should be ok now.
– Added error messages on Event ‘Can Player Join Event’ while a player is trying to register but not allowed.