August 28th, 2018 by Vice

-Fix for Raid Minions spawn location.
-Disabled .clan command.
-Buff store window should not open while player is already in buff store mode.
-Fix NPE on PlayerAI
-Fix Donated Blood Stones Ranking to match S2 system
-Removed Black Cat custom H5 pet.
-Fix for an exploit during change-subclass.
-Fix for Double-message while trying to change a sub class.
-Players will no longer be able to make a Private store while in transformation as per retail.
-Possible exploit fixed via mail, specifics will not be disclosed.
-Fix for Auto-Soulshot not deactivated on Summon death.

-Fix for Skill ‘Psycho Symphony’ now it will over-hit as per retail.
-Mana Potions effect will no longer blocked from Celestial type effects

-All drop rates for dynasty-related quests have been severely nerfed by 300%, mobs with 60% chance to drop become 15% chance.
-Hellbound has been designated as the most efficient zone for S80 gear. Other zones are viable but not optimal in comparison.
-The drop rate of tomes has been increased by 100%, from x2 to x4.