September 2nd, 2018 by Vice

Dimensional Merchant
-Added the retail option ‘Ask about Neolithic Crystal’.
-Added the retail Gracia epilogue multisell too (modified from H5 TO Epilogue).

-Improved the infrastructure on various different levels, will not disclose.

-Fixed FoG PvP Area, re-test.

Bans and Jails
-After ban players will be kicked instantly instead of the delay & they will be teleported offline in giran.

Beauty Shop
-Fix for beauty shop restore appearance.

Ability Tree
– Added the packets between the client and the server.
– Added support for learning new abilities.
– Added support for re-setting abilities.
– Added support to store all the abilities learned by each player.
– Fixed some interactions on the UI, specially with the packets and the preview mode.
– Interface changes for Ability tree.
– Added Ability Tree skills & Elixir of oblivion item (Test the system skills still require work).
– The first nodes will not need the 2 previous nodes anymore, only one as its shown on the client.
– Added support for adding the skills related to each ability, on login and on changesub.
– Added support for additional points the player may receive.
– Base points will be equal to the current Blood Pool Stage.
– Finished the Elixir of oblivion implementation.
– Finished all the checks when adding and re-setting.
– Skills should also update the skill list and the user info.

-Fix for Porta’s SummonPC skill now it will display the new location of the player.