September 10th, 2018 by Vice

-Fixed Monster ‘Pytan’ should have 2 minions instead of 3.
-Players will be able to use Soul Crystals while mob has over 50% HP as per retail. (It will only work below 50% HP though)
-Added support for Gatekeeper – Adena & Blood Stone cost for 80+ level players, similar to scheme buffer.
-Adjusted geoengine for Castle & fortress based on retail tests.
-Added missing ‘Used BSOEs’ ranking.
-Fixed Gatekeeper checks.
-Monsters will drop only Herbs of Life, Mana, Doubt, Vitality.
-Fix for ToI 11 ‘Fire of Wrath Shuriel’ Raid boss Doors issue.
-Adjusted every mob chance for Casting a skill.
-Fix for Falling damage formula.
-Fix for ‘Record of Seven Signs’ Seal Status formula.

Scheme Buffer
-Premium’s free buffs will apply only on Blood stones not Adena cost.
-Added Adena & Blood Stone cost at Quick Buff Player & Quick Buff Summon.
-Added Adena cost on ‘Restore Vitals’ based on players level, algorithm is exponential.

Blood Royale
-Added Raid Bosses for testing stages.
-Blood Royale Event will spawn the Raid Boss ID according to blood pool stage.
-Blood Royale event should not cancelled on start due to lack of participants since the requirements are met during Registering period.

Blood Price
-Added a penalty to blood price, 50% of stones go to player, 50% of stones get pilfered by Shillen.