September 17th, 2018 by Vice

Blood Royale
– Random teleport when players gister to the event
– Buffs should be saved when the player registers and not when event starts
– Done an array for the raids ids
– Do not cancel player/pet buffs when the event starts
– Cancel buffs when entering the event and starting
– Adding noblesse blessing as a forbidden skill on the events. Added an exception for events that allow resurrection
– Automatic resurrection should not cancel buffs if the event allows manual resurrection
– Check for item/skills usage on events that can enter directly on registering like blood royale

– Fixed the out on Castle sieges after Seal of Ruler etc, players will be teleported to town and not Hunters village.
– Added Config for Retail ‘Seal of Ruler’ behavior (skill fails if player target is not Artifact at the end of cast), disabled for now.
– Teleports & buffs will be free until level 78.
– Attenuated Restore Vitals formula.
– Blood Pool will not go over max stage in case Blood Royale run while the stage is 10.
– Removed Blood Pool skills.
– Fixed an issue causing Castle & Dungeon prison not to have a cooldown.
– Added 10 sec delay on Blood Royale registering for removing buffs to match teleport duration.
– Scheme buffer will be disabled while the player is Registered on Blood Royale.

Ability Tree
1. Nowhere to Hide becomes Immortal
Replenish 5% HP/MP/CP on enemy takedown.

2. Frugal becomes Transfusion:
You will steal 2x more Blood Stones from enemies.

3. Health Attunement becomes Vital Boost
Increase your HP/MP/CP by 3%

4. Magical Affinity stays the same name, effect becomes:
Increase resistance to magic by 4%

5. Divine Provision LVL 1 and LVL 2 split into two levels:
Decrease the cancel by 1

6. Integrity LVL 1 and LVL 2 split into two levels:
Increase resistance to stun and disarm attacks.

7. Battle Aura gains a significant improvement:
Decrease PVP damage by 10%

8. Signet of Water becomes Signet of Life
Increase resistance to water and wind +25

9. Signet of Fire becomes Signet of Nature
Increase resistance to earth and fire +25

10. Signet of Wind becomes Elemental Synergy
5% of your weapon attribute will be applied to resist all elements up to a maximum of +15.

11. Signet of Earth becomes Master’s Touch
The attack/defensive elemental attributes of the master are now shared with the servitor.

12. Ultimate Banner
The Mdef/Pdef values will decrease from 150 to 80.

13. Ultimate Elemental Armor
Gain +10 to all elements and an additional +5 for carrying more than 15000 Blood Stones.

14. Signet of Spirit
Holy and Dark +15 now becomes +25

-Ancient Edge Resistance – renamed to Dagger resistance will apply dagger/rapier resist.