October 7th, 2018 by Vice

– Implemented Booster Pack.
– Added Beauty Coupon item, one time free beauty shop change.

Blood Royale
– Fix a wrong check causing players not able to use few offensive skills.
– If event is active players should teleport randomly inside always.
– When the event starts players will no longer be shifted from current location.

-Offline / Buff stores characters will no longer counted on ‘Online Time’ Rank.
-Added Succeed/Failed craft for Craft shops too.

– Fix for Teleport into an event system.
– Improved the teleport function to meet new demands.
– Disabled Korean PvP event; it will be GM run.
– Retail like Soul Crystal casting behavior
– Fix Soul Crystal skill cooldown static.
– Accessories that occupy two slots override a character’s hairstyle as per retail, added a message for notify the players.
– Skills that have static cooldown will not refresh by Skill Mastery.

-Fix for ‘Power Angel Amon’ monster minions count based on retail.
-Fix for ‘Guardian Angel’ they will spawn on ToI 7 and not as Minion in ToI 11.