October 11th, 2016 by Vice

– Added extension of the donate blood pool html to show current and remaining points
– Fixed the PlayINERA store from lagging.
– Added on the scheme htmls the price for each buffs and the total when editing it
– Changed the price of autobuff to a fixed one. Set it to 0
– Added a config to set the server to test mode, and it will disable some conditions and other stuff to test better
– Removed language selection from the control panel
– Added hall of fame aura activation to the control panel
– Html fixes for services and events
– Allow Dance of Berserker in offline buff store
– Created a new custom packet for showing blood pool screen messages
– Also disabled normal screen message with big font and effect, as that message will only be used by blood pool
– New fixes for the events, specially for round events that had syncing problems when the rounds finished at the same time
– Fix for birthday present
– Changing blood pool ui to show only the stages, as epilogue doesnt have stages and % like the other clients
– After exiting camera, movie and observer mode resend blood pool UI that is lost when entered
– Fixed an error with enchant items from higher chronicles
– Fixed error with class id checks
– Fixed problems with the images, it was using background, so changed them to images and buttons
– Fix for blood pool stage ui
– Fix for blood pool skills, they should appear now
– Fix for RSS