October 16th, 2018 by Vice

– Added support for more ability tree skills.
– Fixed Raid boss ‘Zombie Lord Farakelsus’ minions now they will spawn correctly.
– Fixed ‘Delete a symbol’ option now it will refresh the player stats as per retail.
– Fixed ‘Scroll of Escape: Giran Castle Town’ as per Description/retail.
– Bracelets & Cloaks should not appear on Attribute Enchant list as per retail.
– Enchant skills will also cost Adena & SP on Fail as per retail.
– Fix Baium Soul Crystal absorb data typo.
– Time Out message will not pop-up while the event is cancelled due to lack of participants.
– Fixed S84 Haste SA bonus.
– Fixed Frenzy the bonus should be effective on 30% HP.
– Fixed Fake Death & Relax etc Toggles behaviour retail like.
– Fixed ‘Weapon Grade Penalty’ it should increase the Magic fail and not decrease m.atk.
– Added belt ornaments to Blood Craft; low, mid, high and top. Progressive tiers.
– Changed Cat buff and Seraphim to 2 hours; it will not be in CB, just duration.
– Reduced cost of SOI teleport by 50%.
– Removed upper armor (Masterwork) from both Auction House files.

– Fixed Quest ‘Control Device Of The Giants’ retail like based on player report.
– Removed invalid Quest bonus for parties.

– Fixed the penalties for clan wars for both one-sided and two-sided.
– Two-sided has no penalties. One-sided has a penalty of 2x for receiving end.