October 28th, 2018 by Vice

Blood Royale
– Added many algorithms to determine the most proficient players.
– Added rewards for blood royale, champion’s crate, consolation crate.

– Added custom support for HWIDS, new menu, new properties.
– Fixed Ability Tree skills to match client icons etc.
– Added more debug logs for Blood Royale.
– Fix NPE on PlayerAI.
– Fixed an issue causing Summons be able to unsummoned during combat, also added the retail messages on unsummon fail.
– Added action fail during follow intention should solve the issue that players stuck rarely until changing target etc.
– Action toggles such as Chameleon, Relax & Fake Death should be removed while the player is not sitting.
-Added Buff Store option for Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Maestro classes.
-Ending a War will cost 15,000k Reputation points, pop up warning message added.
-Fix Clan Level up requirements according to retail.

– Players will be able to leave party during instances without expelled outside as per retail.
– From now on Command Channels can dissolved inside instance as per retail.

– Fixed the Frintezza Entrance order according to CC position as per retail.
– Fix Soul Breaking Arrow can be used only with bows as per retail.
– Added missing Shout message for ‘Hall Alarm device’ & ‘Dark Choir Captain’.
– Frintezza will spawn 10 minutes after pass the Dark Choir Captain room.
– Dark Choir Player will no longer be Aggressive.

Seed of Destruction
– Only A Command Channel leader can attempt to entry into SOD.

New Items
-Loot Crate: Donate crate, icoins, anakim scroll, mounts, costumes, materials, parchments, coupons, reputation, coupons, and the coveted elixir of oblivion. Cannot be destroyed.
-Champion’s Crate: A legendary crate given to the champions of the Blood Royale, Cannot be exchanged, sold, dropped or destroyed.
-Consolation Crate: A consolation crate for participating in the Blood Royale, Cannot be exchanged, sold, dropped or destroyed.