November 3rd, 2018 by Vice

– Changed the blood pool manager so it now shows a Venustia on screen message when the blood royale is charging, and not only announcements
– Improved the strings and added a new step at 95%.
– Adding an on screen event message along with the announcement for the time remaining for the event start for blood royale
– Some minor fixes for the Blood Royale event
– Adding performance messages on the event end
– Fix for Seal of Ruler casting conditions also now it can only be casted from the circle as per retail.
– Fix for ‘Territory War Info’ tab not opening and causing errors after a GM manually changed siege owners.
– Adjusted the chances for ‘Champion’s Crate’ item.
– Support for limiting the level for opening crates and boxes, to be applied for sensitive items.
– Booster Pack & Loot Crate can only be extracted by 76+ level players for balancing reasons.
– Combat/attack stance will remain active even after Death as per retail.
– Tutorial class change pop-up will not appear if its disabled from Control Panel.
– Class change Tutorial will only appear at 20, 40, 76 Level.
– Fix for Ability Tree Resistance weapons skills.
– Fix Shift + Click showing wrong results on rare cases such as ‘Demon Prince Transformation book’.

Blood Royale
– Enabled auto buffs (a set of quick buffs will be given upon start & system resurrection)
– Blood Royale should not have Registration time, since its starts when the participants numbers are met.
– Fixed the Random teleport into the event should happen only when the event is active not when it starts.
– Added Champion’s Crate as reward for Winners & Consolation Crate for Losers.
– Added on-screen resurrection time message.

Potion of Energy Maintenance:
– Obtained from events will be expire in 1 Hour.
– Obtained from Booster Pack & parchments will have no expiration
– Added Champion’s crate and consolation crate.

– Fix for ‘Escape: 5 minutes’ & ‘Flag Display’ should have static casting time.
– Toggles skills will be removed upon trasformation or stance skill.
– Removed Wrong system message on ‘Zealot’ & ‘Guts’.

– Players will be rewarded with 30 Bloody Parchment & Effect: Increase the number of Blood Stones obtained by 25% for 1 hour.