November 9th, 2018 by Vice

– Fix for mail NPE error.
– Fix for wrong float on custom packet parser.
– Added initial server-side support for costumes.
– Added Blood Royale event image.
– Fixed Tutorial NPE error.
– Fix ‘Potion of Energy Maintenance’ incorrect item count issue.
– Added 2 levels for Potion of Energy Maintenance so the client can consume the correct item id.
– Added initial support for a proxy system for the login server
– An issue where the number of clans displayed on the Clan tab was limited to 13 has been fixed.
– Added minimum adena limit on Buff store 50,000 adena to setup a shop to prevent 1 adena shops.
– Removed Anakim transform from ‘Loot Crate’ item, for balance issues.
– While the player has possession of a Beauty Coupon as pop-up message will appear upon Beauty shop entrance.
– Fix for Blood Stones needed for next stage gone into negative. It now rounds to zero.
– Fix for Pets not able to set a Name.
– Improved support for Beauty Shop Tickets. Do not make any further changes.
– Addition of 32 unique costumes. This took a lot of work! Thank you Sindy!
– Reworked the proxy system, needs testing on a global scale.
– Proxies will now all go after the original server id.
– Removed the last remnants of the old blood pool system in the database.
– Added configuration support for each proxy setup.
– Added new skill ‘Vote Blessing’, 25% more Blood stones from monsters will be rewarded from voting for 1 hour.
– Fixed Skill ‘Gate Chant’ & ‘Summoning Friend’ with the retail messages also added more checks to avoid exploits.
– Support for ‘Heat of Desert’ retail behavior, from now it will not apply Combat status on the player.
– Attuned the Farmer Potion skill description to match server-side stats.
– Added Costumes on Loot Crate for testing 10% chance for each costume. These are not final.