November 14th, 2018 by Vice

Blood Royale
– Fix for blood royale attack without ctrl.
– Implementing a new condition to allow events like Blood Royale to retain critical information.
– Adding support on events to check for non-offensive skills casted on target.

– Fix for Event doors adding geodata into the Real world zones.
– Disabled Costumes for Olympiad upon entering will vanish and then re-appear on exit.
– Adjusted Costumes chances on Loot Crate for Live.
– Added 25 costumes to the client to be obtainable through loot crate.
– Added message on ‘Vote Reward’ button only players logged in from main server ‘Resurgence 12X’ will be able to receive the reward.
– Added Ancient Adena, Blood Stones & Bloody Parchment on PlayINERA Beta Helper.

– On player PK a new Karma UI will pop-up from the already Blood Pool UI with the following details: Player Karma, XP & Karma loss on Death.

– Added support to add powerups into PvP based events. New conceptual addition to the world.
– Reworked Mario Kart.
– Reworked Bomberman.
– 3 types of powerups will exist for events: Health Orb, Shield Orb, and Speed Orb.
– Improved descriptions on many events
– Added instructions to all events. They are shown when the player registers, so everyone knows what to do