November 19th, 2018 by Vice

– Created a new event called shoot the mob.
– The registration, win and lose messages have been revamped.

– Players can now receive Vote Reward via Proxies servers!

– Adjusted the Stun ‘Break’ to retail behavior.
– Fixed ‘Heroic Grandeur’ now can be used without target.
– Fixed ‘Heroic Grandeur’ & ‘Heroic Dread’ chances.
– From now on Tyrant’s ‘Totem’ skills will be able to “stack” with ‘Flame Icon’ & ‘Spirit of Shilen’.
– Added missing message for ‘Steal Divinity’ on affected target.
– Fixed ‘Aura Flash & ‘Soul of Pain’ Remove Target issue.
– Others skills that used ‘Remove Target’ effect are fixed too.
– Fix for invalid Pet Names.
– An issue where the Vote Reward button would not function properly has been fixed.
– Addition of the Costume Regambling function on La Vie en Rose. Use it to exchange a costume for a random one.
– Costumes always override hair accesories
– Removed Metal suit from Loot Crate.
– From now on, the INERA Store will no longer be available to characters participating in an event or Grand Olympiad or who are dead.

– Fixed ‘Vagabond of the Ruins’ should have 3 minions of ‘Forgotten Crewman’.
– Removed ‘Forgotten Crewman’ from spawn list since its a minion.

Power Ups
– Removed their name will no longer apper into the game.
– From now they will be untargetable.
– Removed collision radius to avoid players stuck while trying to obtain it.
– Switched Health <-> Shield NPC ID to match client.