November 27th, 2018 by Vice

– Allow mana and cp potions on blood royale.
– Potential fix for all the zone problems on blood royale, like targeting, pvp, purple, etc. Needs verification from community.
– Adjusted Loot Crate chances.
– Fixed Valakas Epic PvP Zone near Klein area.
– General Fixes for Raid Bosses, Minions & Monsters skill cooldowns.
– Removed clan 2-side war descriptive message until a better solution is found for it’s on/off functionality.
– Addition of the INERA guide, access using .help or control panel.
– Addition of on-screen messages relating to the Blood Price.
– On community board, It is now possible to sort the entire Raid Boss list by Name, Level and Status.
– Fixed Vote reward buttons
– Fixed New clan message issue.
– Changed Quest ‘Get a Pet’ Quest items drop count to x2.
– Clicking ‘To Village’ on Tower of Infinitum will move players to Shadai location as per retail.
– Fixed Scroll of escapes use on Tower of Infinitum.
– Fixed Tower of Infinitum teleportation system.
– Costumes no longer hide the original accesories if the costume doesn’t have any
– Fix an issue where temporary hair/style/color were saved to the db, instead of the original.
– Fix for beauty shop not showing the appeareance on start.
– Fixed max clients per hwid.
– Fix for costume regambling opening when trying to restore appearance.
– Fix for costumes not being displayed correctly
– Removed Level limit from ‘Booster Pack’ & ‘Loot Crate’ items.
– All instances will collapse after 2 minutes while empty instead of 10.
– Changed skill ‘Vote Blessing’ from 1 hour to 6 hours.
– Fixed an issue causing Sell option not working to few npcs
– From now on Blood Pool UI stones needed for next stage will update every 60 sec.
– Fixed Blood Pool Percent bar to correspond points.
– Fix Send Gift issue.
– Allow Mana Potion on Blood Royale event only.
– Disabled War kills on-screen messages.
– Changed Bloody Parchments Vote reward from 30 to 60.
– Fixed Mana Potion for Shifting / Epic PvP Zones will be apply level 1 effect.
– Fixed for Raid Boss ‘Gordon’ teleporting to spawn while in siege zone.
– Disabled Bot Report Button for Party members due to alot of miss clicks.
– Decreased Bot Report button reuse to 5 minutes.

– Fixed for events not checking for not allowed skills / items.
– Added Vice description messages for some events.
– Removed scheme buffer support for events, we will use buff lists.
– Full implementation for the new domination event.
– Set the map completely on the Dota Map with boundaries.
– Fix for events blocking attacks to npcs.
– Fix for buffs not being removed when registering/unregistering.
– Fix for event timers, points, and specially the final result window.
– Changed some power ups messages to what they should be.
– Changed the message when you get a point to something shorter.
– Fix for titles and somes names not being correctly shown on events.
– Removing the show crests function that is not used anymore, the one from the events is used instead.
– Added Doors, Walls & Static objects data for Castle vs Castle map.
– Fixed an issue causing Sieges card to able to hit players.
– Adding new event Capture the Flag.
– It works in the new map Castle vs Castle.
– The objective is to capture enemy’s flag and return it to your base to gain points. INERA Version.
– Added a fixed spawn zone to the Zombie event
– Fixed spawn locations now are a little random so the players are not all together on spawn
– Increasing defensive stats for the king.
– Adding the same resurrection system used in Blood Royale on the event Save the King
– Changed ‘The Mime’ event round duration to 5\8 seconds.
– Changed ‘Simons Says’ event round duration to 8 seconds.
– Fix for Events teleporting players that failed to enter.
– Disabled Chess Event.
– AFK protection will not trigger on Elimination events such as Last man standing.
– Added a warning message 1 minute before event starts, player should find a safe spot and get ready for the teleport.

Blood Royale
– Adding clan and ally checks to blood royale
– Added Blood Royale stage 0 boss & minion.
– Added Full buffs for Mage/Fighter/pet for events.
– Auto buff checks for Royale
– Fix for Blood Royale buffs will not removed during start.
– Summons will decay on death for Blood Royale.
– Removed Stun from Royale raid boss stage 0.

– The Olympiad will open December 1, 2018.
– Siege registrations will begin on December 1, 2018.