November 30th, 2018 by Vice

– Increased No Carrier time.
– Fix Clan Community not opening some clans.
– From now on Vote will reward players with Random blood stones & new vote blessing.
– Vitality Potion from the event will remain after death.
– Adjust Simon says & The Mime timers.
– New Vote Blessing: For 6 hours, increase the amount of Blood Stones obtained from monsters by 25%. Reduce the cost of Blood Stones required for the scheme buffer by 66%.
– Scheme buffer adjustments so the new Vote Blessing to work.
– Events will now reward only Blood Stones.
– Bloody Parchments have been removed from the game. Parchments collected can now be exchanged for Blood Stones in Blood Craft Shop at 100% rate.
– Blood Craft has been combined with the Bloody Parchment shop, expanding the original BC shop and removing the parchment shop.