December 5th, 2018 by Vice

– Implementing blow effects. Because the skill effect changes if the blow hits the target or not
– Adding hybrid buffs for hybrid classes like soulhounds on events
– Fix for crit effects on skills
– Fix for Team Vs Team ending Announcements showing opposite results.
– Events that ends in Tie or no winners will reward only vitality for participation.
– General fix for effects should fix stuck players on Valakas etc.
– Added missing monsters ‘Deinonychus’ on PI (Arcana Mace head spoil)
– Added ‘Newbie Level-Up Pack’ for new chars created.
– Changed ‘Ancient Tome of the Demon’ to tradeable.
– Adjusted drop chance for ‘Ancient Book: Divine Inspiration (Manuscript)’ & ‘Sealed Holy Spirit’s Cloak’ to match retail (was nerfed by 50%)
– Fortresses will drop KE as per retail.
– Fixed ‘Premium Caravan Certificate’ should not be quest item, can be stored on wh.
– Replaced ‘Song of Medidation’ for ‘Song of Renewal’ for Hybrid & summons.
– Fixed an issue causing players with Effect ‘Snipe’ to not removed from the Event at the end.
– Restore Life / Heal skills will not affect Blood Royale bosses.
– Fix for Tiat retail behavior while having Celestial
– Fix for Dark Elf Summoner ‘Death Spike’ not working via Macro.
– Blood Royale Peace / PvP Zones will remain active for 2 minutes.
– Moved Castle sieges times Changed from 16:00 to 18:00 & from 20:00 to 21:00.