December 10th, 2016 by Vice

– Fix for blood pool status on the main board
– Added some minor changes to the control panel
– Changing the order of some buttons
– Making hall of fame aura premium
– Adding a new message to the hall of fame aura
– Fixed the majority of new event htmls
– Adding premium link to the donation shop
– Rework for blood pool donation
– Added checks and conditions to BP
– Changed so the player can choose how many stones to donate to the pool
– Added a confirmation message when donating to be sure of the tithing
– Fixing all db connections, that some use an outdated log system
– Changed premium points to be account based, and not char based
– Created a new system to receive donation coins in real time
– Added a quick fix to the beauty shop
– Changing orb from instant mana to mana over time regen in 10 seconds
– Quick fix for mana orb