December 10th, 2018 by Sindelia


– From now on, the Blood Royale will not start automatically. A GM will announce the date & time according to when the Blood Pool is full.
– Addition of a ‘Hide Costumes’ setting on the Control Panel. This will hide the costumes equipped by other players.
– An issue where the costume appearance of buffs that included one would not show up on other players has been fixed.

Karma System
– From now on, upon death, karma loss is limited to 50
– The Adena cost for karma and PK removal via the Clan Hall exclusive NPC Katarina have been increased. Furthermore, these services will come at a Blood Stone cost as well.Blood Price
Blood Price
– The cooldown period for the Blood Price system has been increased from 1 hour to 4 hours.
– From now on, the cooldown period for the Blood Price system will not apply when killing a chaotic character.
– Addition of a 10 level difference protection on PK Blood Price.Crystal Caverns
– A temporary fix had been added for the Kechi Instance oracles.

Soul Crystals
-Added Anakazel level 68 soul crystal leveling stats from 10 to 12.
-Adjusted Tyrannosaurus Soul Crystal chances.