December 16th, 2018 by Sindelia

– An issue where the Shift+Click Spoil list would show wrong item chances has been fixed.
– Issues associated with the creation of a Command Channel have been fixed. From now on, all characters above level 20 in possession of a ‘Strategy Guide’ are able to create a Command Channel as per retail.
– An issue where Castle Chamberlain NPCs had incorrect buylists has been fixed.
– An issue where the RSS feed on the Community Board displayed the wrong information has been fixed.
– From now on, when teleporting using the Global Gatekeeper, the Community Board window will automatically close.
– A rare issue that caused characters to become chaotic during a duel has been fixed.

An issue where Maestro buffs would not work on pets has been fixed.

– An issue where the Dark Attribute resistance was not being applied when a cloak was equipped has been fixed.
– An issue where ‘Fisherman’s Potion’ would not overwrite existing potions has been fixed.

– An issue where the ‘Matras Curiosity’ could not be undertaken by level 76 characters has been fixed.
– The number of monsters required to spawn Epidos has been decreased from 100 to 30.
– The quest item drop count for the ‘Jude’s Request’ quest has been increased to x3.