December 25th, 2018 by Sindelia

– An issue where the on-screen timer for events was not in sync with the actual event timer has been fixed
– An issue where players were occasionally unable to purchase a hairstyle via the Beauty Shop has been fixed.
– A temporary fix for the issue where players would occasionally get stuck inside the Challenge Room in Naia Tower has been added.
– Issues associated with Seed of Infinity Stage 1 have been fixed. From now on, it will be applied every Monday at 12:00 GMT+2.
– An issue where the Territory Manager would not reward players with the Noblesse Tiara upon successful completion of his task has been fixed.
– From now on, the Community Board window will be closed whenever a buffstore is created.
– Addition of Arcana Lord & Elemental Master summon buffs to the list of eligible buffs for buffstores.
– From now on, ‘flagged’ players are able to use the offline buffstores.
– Echo Crystals are now sellable to NPCs.
– The automatic Deathmatch event has been replaced by the Last Man Standing event.
– Geodata issues associated with the doors located inside the Save the King event have been addressed.

– The ‘Dynasty Breastplate – PvP’ passive skill’s stun resist bonus has been adjusted to match retail.
– An issue where target cancelling skills would cause monsters to return to their spawn point has been fixed.
– Issues associated with the ‘Mana Gain’ skill have been fixed.
– An issue where the Adena bonus effect of the ‘Christmas Tree Blessing’ skill would not be applied when a character was in a party has been fixed.