December 29th, 2017 by Vice

It has been a really amazing year for us. The impact that we’ve had on the Censored community is astounding. And with your support, our project has become one of the most cherished projects of the year. Many players have spoken very highly of our staff and, for that, I must thank our amazing team, Ray, Sindelia, Origins, and Synerge. These four are the crux of the server and they have managed to fix thousands of reported bugs, among various other improvements to the world that we love.

Now we’ve also been highly criticized, but not for core values, like our donation system, or our integrity. Our fault would ultimately reside in the general setup of the server and unrefined systems like the blood pool and the core files, a consequence of having very little time to adjust to a demanding community with very little patience for growth.

We can say with confidence that our world has improved drastically since our launch in September. Without a doubt the INERA world is turning out to be one of the better instances of the Censored experience. But that is not enough, we don’t want to be just good, we want to deliver the best possible experience to our community.

So what does this mean for PlayINERA?

It means Changes are Coming.

We cannot stress this enough. The PlayINERA team will be implementing radical changes into the world. We spent the last 6 months going through the forum and its suggestions, ideas, concepts, etc to compile a list of changes that are necessary to improve the world. The list and its content will be gradually implemented into the game as of the New Year, it will take us time to make all the necessary adjustments and to prepare the code. Some of these improvements will be controversial, and others will be vastly superior to their predecessors, improving the general way of life for the community.

Will the server Be Wiping?

No, we’ve told everyone many times that the server will not wipe without your consent. Our integrity is not going to be swayed on this subject. But this does not mean that the world will remain static. We will continue to develop, explore, and begin to implement the necessary improvements based on your feedback. Some of these changes will be drastic to your way of life, but this is the direction that we are going to take the project.

We’ll be looking forward to your feedback.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-The Inera Staff