October 14th, 2015 by Vice

Welcome to Inera’s Epilogue project. Allow me to explain a bit about our organization. Inera builds on its strengths as a professional gaming server to optimize and improve the game play of the Censored MMORPG. We try to do this by establishing a good communication network between the player and the staff that strengthen the capacity of the community to advocate for themselves and influence the development of the virtual world. It is our pleasure to introduce the very first epilogue professional server. We hope you really enjoy it.

Here at Inera we take gaming very seriously. Everything that we do is done to improve the quality of the server for players. Decisions are often influenced by the community as a whole but the final call will always be in the hands of Inera. There will always be a vote prior to making any major changes to the configuration of the server. However, it is not guaranteed that the majority will always win. Votes serve as a means to gauge player preference and, often enough, the vote count is taken into consideration. It is not always black and white and as such it is important to address all your concerns to our staff via petitions.