January 27th, 2016 by Vice

Let’s cover some of the project’s progression. A few people have wanted an update to see where we stand in regards to the completion of the server. As of now we are still porting some scripts and redesigning a lot of the previous work we’ve done to really pack a punch! The Hall of Fame is undergoing a revamp with rewards for gaining a statue. The community board has been completed and you can see pictures of it at the bottom of this post.

We’ve redesigned a global event engine called the blood pool system. We’re also porting a lot of new events and redesiging the event engine as well to give GMs a whole new sense of control over the events during live play. We’ll be able to control global rewards on the fly. Basically, our current focus is to just improve the current Russian files into something greater than the current standard servers use. We’ll be delivering a very unique Inera flare to the game while maintaining the original feel of the game. A lot of work remains so stay patient and we will deliver something really balanced and fun!