February 22nd, 2020 by Vice

In 2015 PlayINERA was in its infancy but we still managed to set a standard for introducing features – one of those features was the blood system in our Revamped series. We continued to improve the infrastructure of Revamped and came out with some really fascinating concepts but had difficulty in executing the features when it came to balance and progression. So INERA would like to officially announce that our team will be resurrecting the Revamped series into what we now call, “Bloodlust”. Our new series Bloodlust is going to use the infrastructure from Revamped and shift its focus entirely on group strategy and PvP elements, introducing several new objectives and brand new features that cannot be found anywhere else.

INERA has taken a good hard look at how PvP servers operate and it became quite obvious that there is no high standard or precedence out there. Most of these servers are improperly handled and have very little to offer in terms of variety. Either they have too many poorly designed custom elements or a complete lack of good content. Despite our efforts we could not find a PvP server that was of particular interest or had any fresh ideas. So we went back to the drawing board with the help of some talented players to revisit the Revamped series and develop ‘Bloodlust’

With Bloodlust we are going to revolutionize the PvP server – from the ground up. We are working very closely with some very talented players that know exactly what it takes to make a successful PvP world. Many of our new features will be focused on gathering large groups in very small areas for important objectives. Castles and TW will be given extreme importance, shifting raids, the ability tree, brooches, and costume augments are just some of what’s to come.

Bloodlust will take the fun elements from the nostalgic world we all love and condense them into one solid world. This world, however, is not going to be for the handless players; in Bloodlust you will need to apply strategy and cooperate with others to develop your characters. This is not a server to grind hard, craft gear, spoil monsters, or debate about L2J vs L2OFF. Bloodlust was not designed to deliver a nostalgic or classic experience like retail – instead it will provide you with a platform to show the world whether you’re worthless or truly a PvP champion. This is the ultimate PvP server and we’re very excited to showcase our work.

See you soon.