January 3rd, 2019 by Vice

Some changes will be applied to the server. For starters, the macro reuse bug will be disabled from this point forward. This particular reuse bug has caused the cooldowns of some skills to be so low that certain classes have obtained a severe advantage over others, especially those that can abuse its effectiveness. It is our opinion that Censored is simply better without this bug. Regardless of the back lash this change will stay without any possibility to revert it back.

There are several updates coming that may interfere with some mechanics; it is our mission to prevent all critical errors, but this requires some testing in the open world and feedback from the community. So let us know if you experience anything odd or out of place.

The vote reward and event reward will be changed. The parchment shop will be brought back online, and don’t forget that parchments can also be traded for blood stones for those new players that may not be aware.

So make sure to leave us some comments in the forum when the new patch is released.

Thank you for choosing INERA.