September 28th, 2016 by Vice

Greetings players. We’ve moved the website from our test server in Canada to its final location to a server in Europe. It has been fully optimized by a specialist so you should be experiencing a lot faster load times than before. A little more work needs to be completed on our website and its server so you may experience some downtime during our changes. But if you can tell, the design is changing everyday as we prepare for the alpha phase.

Regarding the alpha, our developer is busy diligently working on getting it ready. In the meantime, our promo is nearly complete. You can see a preview of the alpha by clicking the play promo button on the main homepage. The video still needs to be synced to the music and sound effects have yet to be added. But so far we think it’s turning out to be a pretty nice expression of what we are about here at PlayINERA. So check it out and be sure to leave me some feedback in the forum regarding the promo and the new website server. You should now feel that our web page is a lot faster than before. Thank you.