November 5th, 2017 by Vice

Due to all the controversy about Tully spreading like wild fire, we have decided to address the state of the server. We would like to express regret for such an occurrence, for the most part it has been contained and the abusers have been punished. The players having exploited this region are either likely going to leave the server or try to regain ground with time. We feel the punishment was fair and just, due to the intensity of the situation. And as some restitution; the Tully situation was not as chaotic as it was made out to be. Rest easy knowing that DESPITE those that do not play fair, we will continue to work alongside you on matters that are deemed unfair.

How could such a thing happen though? Well, the Censored world is a massive world. Just think about every zone, and every monster in the game. Then it should come to no surprise that it is entirely possible to have a region that was not set to retail, especially regions that are uncommon like Tully. The zone Tully’s Workshop has now been fixed and is working as intended. We encourage all players to report any identified exploits or bugs; otherwise risk the consequences of penalties that may follow.

The PlayINERA server has suffered a few hard hits, with certain areas that needed an extreme nerf like the Delusion Chamber and Tully’s, and class balance issues, it should come to no surprise that the number of players has decreased by approximately 60-70% from our initial launch. We are not here to lie, that certain changes need to be made to the world for it to flourish. Some of these changes players may not like, others may welcome them, but at the end of the day it is our job to balance the world accordingly for the greater good of the server, despite the temper tantrums or negative attitudes that may arise. This may require overhauls of certain systems like the VOTE/EVENT system, class balancing, zone balancing, and other concepts. We ask that you bear with us as we proceed to implement the necessary adjustments to maintain a sense of equlilbrium.

We need to work together, not against one another. There are very few Censored teams left that are willing to spend as time as we have on a server. Very few teams that can fix well over 2500-3000 bugs from a working source that we can barely call passable, and having it flourish into a concept as appealing and well-maintained as INERA. There are bugs, there are issues, we as a community must stop raging and throwing temper tantrums, relax a moment, and realize how much work is going into making this a good home. PlayINERA is a never ending dynamic world that will only get better with time, and it will continue to do so as long as we have your support.

Thank you.