November 25th, 2018 by Vice

A lot of questions have arisen about the status of the server. Most of the comments are positive that the world we have created is fun and enjoyable. The majority of the questions focus on online count and that is an indirect way of asking about the future of the server.

Let’s put a lot of your worries to rest.

Online Count
About population. We are doing quite well. The server has approx 2000+ accounts registered, the average online is about 300 players steady, but this also includes people that log on and log off at any given moment. The exact count of players, due to our international status, is approx 800. This means about 800 players will login on a daily basis all at different times, some log late at night that are in the North American regions, other early if they are prone to early mornings, etc. We’re quite happy with these numbers, considering that classic has taken a lot of players away from the private server scene. We are doing well in that respect. And we shall continue to do well.

Now then, even if our population was lower or higher, it doesn’t matter because regardless of the situation, we will remain open. PlayINERA is one of the few servers that will stay around. Your characters, the ones you make for this season, will never be wiped again. They will always recirculate into our world, one way or another. So rest assured we are not like most servers. We are looking to grow and coming up with strategies on how to do this. But ultimately it’s up to the community to inform their friends of our server and its great features. We’ll continue to do our best from an administration perspective.

Blood Royale
The first blood royale was triggered today. Everyone should have 1 ability point to spend. It was quite successful; however, we will need to augment certain features to ensure that the boss actually dies. We do not want the event to last too long. Overall it went okay and we got some great data out of it. The algorithm for the participation score worked wonders. We’re very happy with the outcome.

-Team PlayINERA