November 22nd, 2016 by Vice

It has been quite a while since I have had an opportunity to update the status of the project. So let us jump right into it. The game files have been updated to alpha status with all functions implemented as of this news update. This means that the blood pool and of its algorithms are fully working as intended. Our developer, Meghan, has been ill for the past few weeks, and so it is only natural that the work has suffered a small set back. We hope Meghan gets better soon.

A few aesthetic features will be completed by Sindelia within the week and this will prepare us for a good alpha framework where players can test our platform and leave some feedback on the progression of the game and its overall impact on their experience. The project has not been set aside, as some players have pointed out, but rather we are working at a consistent pace to avoid making any mistakes. Overall it is looking very good and I am very proud of the work that our team has done over the past year. So hold tight just a little while longer as we release the playINERA control panel and connect the homepage progress bar to the in game blood pool meter. Some work is left to be done but I can say with certainty that we are nearing the home stretch. Thank you for choosing Inera. Just a little longer and we will have something great for you to play on.