February 10th, 2018 by Vice

The meeting has come to an end. And the community has now been informed during a live Q&A that the INERA server will be transitioning into a 2nd Season at the beginning of September, 2018. The current INERA server will be shutting down on February 28, 2018, to provide us with a work environment to process the necessary changes for Season 2. All characters will be destroyed in preparation for the update and the world rebuilt upon a stronger foundation, concentrating our efforts on innovation, balance, security, and longevity.

For the past few months we have tirelessly gone through every post in the forum, well over 3000, and compiled a very complex list of tasks that we will code over the next few months, perhaps into the summer as well. We will be working closely with players that wish to continue to support our staff, for which we intend to create a private forum that will provide a proper communication platform between us.

We cannot stress enough how thankful we are for your support and encouragement. Every single bug report that has passed through our system has been evaluated carefully due to your dedication as a community. And united we can build a world that is perfect. But in order to progress into a new age, it is absolutely necessary to take the time to do things right. And for us, this means another long process of coding.

Do you want to help us build Season 2?

Contact Sindelia or Ray for permission to use our Season 2 forum. They will assist you.

Shall we move forward together?

See you there!


Common Questions

Q: What will happen to all our items, donations, time invested, etc?

A: This is complicated no doubt. All your items will be destroyed and will not transfer into Season 2. The 2nd Season will start completely fresh with new reworked systems and a complete overhaul of the balance, event engine, and many other core concepts. Your time in invaluable; it has no price and for that we can provide no refund either. Players that decide to stay and assist in Season 2 will be given an exclusive INERA package at the beginning of the launch that will contain roughly 100 EURO iCoins as compensation, among other items. This is about the best we can do. Your character must have been prominent in the finale of INERA to be considered for such a prize. The community roughly knows who remained for the long haul, those that have and wish to further our development will be given access to our S2 Forum and CB access, exclusively.

Q: How will you prevent future wipes or seasons?

A: The Censored community has established a wipe and repeat market. Simply speaking, this dilemma has spawned from the willingness of players to transfer servers at the slightest whiff of trouble or imbalance. That being said, our focus will be to increase the longevity of each season by whatever means necessary. This means improving many of our systems and core functions.

Q: How do you plan to improve Season 2? What can we expect?

A: To put it simply, expect a lot. We will be overhauling a lot of our systems. The rates will be adjusted and slowed down, certain areas nerfed into the ground, PvP centrice themes introduced, a brand new balancing system that is in complete control of players, anti-bot algorithms that will have a zero tolerance policy, improved events, and a completely different take on the blood pool. It is going to be like a different world, one that looks familiar, but operates on different mechanisms and plays a different tune, in a manner of speaking. We have compiled a development list and have already begun the coding process. Once the server closes on Feb 28th, our team will begin to shape the world.

Q: You promised no wipe, and now this? How can you atone for this?

A: We promised a no-wipe policy as long as there are players on the server. In the current state of the server, there is not enough of a population to sustain the operational cost. In short, it is necessary to transition into a new era, else we risk losing our momentum and will need to close the entire project as a whole. There would be no point to introduce a massive patch and overhaul the entire world without closing Season 1. Players expect more from us, and they expect a standard of quality that goes beyond. We will deliver this to you.

Q: When will Season 2 go live? And the Closed Beta? And Season 1 close?

Season 1 will end on February 28th, 2018.

Season 2 will begin in September, 2018

The Closed Beta will begin in the summer.

The Finale

We’d like to thank everyone for their contributions and for going the long haul.

We could not have built such a world without your help.

And we will depend on you once again.

Season 2 will be your vision.

Goodbye for now.

– Vice