November 1st, 2017 by Vice

October has come to a close and the Halloween event was a great success. We saw a lot of pumpkin smashing and everyone was farming more so than usual. Our statistics unveiled a lot of activity during this period, perhaps those nectars were worth the effort? We hope so! We had just as much fun making the event as you did playing the event. Congratulations to everyone. A few questions regarding the event have come up. So let’s address those now.

Will the pumpkin transformation stay, the buffs and all? The answer to this question is yes.

How long will Buzz the Cat stay in the town? The answer to this question is 1 week, Nov 8th.

Also a big congratulations to Tw1sted for winning the Masquerade Event. Although the participation was low, it was a fantastic video and we’re very happy to see such dedication. These types of events will be infrequent in the future. Perhaps a 4v4 tournament with cash prizes would be a bit more enticing?? Now now, don’t get too excited. We would need to build that event for it to come into fruition but you never know!

November 2nd 2017 – As of this date, new players will receive a Newbie Starter Pack, full of experience runes and vitality potions to really ease up on that grind!

In addition, we will be hosting an advertising event this November to try and bring new clans and new faces to the server. As you all know we work very hard to maintain a good sense of community. With your support and a few incentives we think this population can grow. More information on this subject in the forum. Feel free to voice your concerns there and we will address them accordingly in an orderly fashion.

For the month of November we will continue to patch our systems and improve the world.