October 6th, 2018 by Vice

Well it is that time again my friends. Let the season 2 festivities kick off in style. We are going to let you choose the launch date of the server. To participate in the vote you will need to have an active forum account, so we suggest you create one and head on over to the polling station to cast a vote. We have given you a few options to select from, and also given you ample time to prepare your forces, inform your friends, and truly build a legacy on our server.

As the count goes: our files are in excellent shape, our community is strong, and our coders are ready for anything you can throw at them. We will be using this time to further polish the server whilst you vote on the launch. Make sure to tell your friends to vote, as once the date it set; it will not be changed. This is going to be quite a good season for us and we will make sure to deliver the best possible experience Censored has to offer.

We are back, stronger than ever, ready for the new season.

Don’t make the mistake and miss this new season.

You will regret it surely.

Now let’s get started.