August 5th, 2017 by Vice

The vote station is now live. We have added four top sites to vote on currently with additional plans to add one or two more. We would like to restrict the necessary votes to six, giving you a guys a break from having to vote so much. We know it can be a complete pain in the butt to cast your votes every 12 hours. But remember, every vote counts, it helps us to grow the server; after all, we are the new guys on the block, so we need to build our community from scratch.

I would like to remind everyone that we are a very unique server. PlayINERA has the potential to grow even after its launch, unlike most servers, we are the only project that offers so many new features in the upcoming year of 2017. This means we have a very strong advantage. Most players are cautious to move server, having spent years on one server, there must be a strong incentive to make the migration from one platform to another. The driving force that causes players to change servers is often content, community, and change. We can provide all these notions and more. So it is important that we all do our part to let everyone know that when it comes to servers, there is no better place than PlayINERA. So keep on voting, tell your friends about us and let us have a fantastic year as the most innovative project. But most importantly let us build a community that is friendly and cooperative, a vision for Censored, how it was meant to be played, with friends that you can make memories to last.

Remember to vote every 12 hours:

And don’t forget to like our social media, we’ve not added Twitter!

Thank you.