October 14th, 2015 by Vice

The development of the Inera Gaming site is nearing completion. The site will remain under construction until all bugs have been addressed. Sindelia was kind enough to deliver a conceptual design of the website within a short period of time, wherein it was possible to begin coding the theme at the start of October. The website is nearly finished with the exception of a few small details and will cover a variety of guides, pages, and prize details. For security reasons, the website will stay independent from the server, this means no information will be passed via server to website. So password changes and account panels will not be added at any point. Please petition a GM if you need a password reset or assistance of any kind regarding account details.

Regarding the game server, there is no deadline for the launch. It is difficult to say how long it will take us to port our private scripts on to the Censored-Scripts Epilogue source pack because it is a big leap to move foundations. However, our team has plenty of experience working with Russian packs and overall it should not be an issue. All I can say for now is that progress is well.