June 21st, 2017 by Vice

I would like the time to address the community and unveil the newest member to our team, Clobberstomp. He will be taking the position of head content creator for PlayINERA. For those of you that do not know of Clobberstomp and his work, he is a Youtube streamer that has become quite popular with the English speaking community. We approached Clobber a few months back and propositioned him to join our team as we were looking for a streamer to take on the task of social media distribution. He graciously accepted our offer and here we are today.

Clobberstomp is different than most streamers; he has a certain appeal about him by not trying to join the elite of a server and actually has the patience to carefully explore every nook and cranny of a server. This gives players a fresh perspective of the game, whereas most streamers are so focused on min-maxing the content. It becomes rather tiresome to see the same groups in the LoA region endlessly farming the same items. Add to the fact he takes his videos seriously and genuinely enjoys playing the game, it became very obvious for us to recruit Clobber.

Our stream page is now online. We have received interest from other streamers, DaTacoShrimp, will also be a PlayINERA associate. His stream will be added to our page shortly. Until then, stay cool and spread the word about our closed beta. We can always use a helping hand during the testing.

And be sure to check out both their social media and streaming content.